20 ga - Tristar Raptor Semi Auto

Tristar Raptor Semi Auto Shotgun 20 Ga 26" Barrel, Wood Stock, Silver Receiver
Mfg# 97033
UPC: 713780970332

C$695.00 Excl. tax
Article number: 21220
Quantity: 1

This Raptor is a 20 Gauge, 3", gas-operated shotgun. It features a highly durable moulded stock and forearm, with a zero-plane stock for better feel. The Raptor comes standard with a fibre optic front sight, 3 Beretta®/Benelli® chokes (IC, M, F), and a ventilated butt pad. 

Magazine Cut-Off
Vent Rib w/ Matted Sight Plane
Fiber Optic Sight
5 Round Magazine – Shot Plug Included
Quick Shot Plug Removal
Chrome-lined Chamber and Barrel
Swivel Studs
3 Beretta®/Benelli® Mobil Style Choke Tubes (IC, M, F)

Gas operated semi-automatic. Bolt remains open after last round is fired. If magazine and chamber are both loaded, opening action will result in ejecting shell from chamber but will not cycling new shell from magazine into the chamber. Magazine cut-off is located near trigger guard and must be pushed to eject shell from magazine. This allows shooter to clear chamber but keep magazine loaded.

The primary safety is located on the backside of the trigger guard. When engaged, the safety is designed to block the trigger, hammer lever and the hammer which makes the firing mechanism immobile.

Tubular magazine, bottom loading. Shot plug included and comes installed. Shot plug easily removable by unscrewing the magazine cap. Simple pull plug out and replace magazine cap.

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