Spiderwire Dura-4 Braid 50lb 125yd Moss Green

Spiderwire Dura-4 Braid 50lb 125yd Moss Green
Mfg# SDR4B50G-125
UPC: 022021662159

Quantity: 1

Made as a classic 4 carrier braid and an unmatched value in high tech superlines, Dura4 Braid is super smooth and makes long & effortless casts possible. As with all Spiderwire braids, Dura4 is super thin, super strong, and super sensitive, without being super expensive. Providing a reliable performance at a price that won’t break the bank, the Spiderwire Dura-4 Braided Line is built with the angler in-mind. Built with 4-carries or premium Dura fibers, the Spiderwire Dura-4 Braided Line provides increased strength for any braided line application and also features a slick outer coating that promotes increased casting distance and smooth flow through your guides. Offered in a range of sizes to handle anything from drop shotting in open water to punching through heavy mats, the Spiderwire Dura-4 Braided Line delivers quality performance at an affordable price.


  • Long Casting and Strong.
  • Has an Optimized fiber and Smooth casting construction.
  • Diameters 2 to 3x smaller than mono of the same test.
  • Smooth for long, effortless casts.
  • Has a Spider-sensitivity i.e it has a near zero stretch to feel everything.
  • Use Palomer Knot for best performance.
  • Made in USA
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