Therm-A Seat 1.5" Predator Mossy Oak

Therm-A Seat 1.5" Predator Mossy Oak
Mfg# 15315
UPC: 033703153155

Quantity: 2

The Predator series features Softek closed-cell foam and Silent Touch fabric facing, which help hunters move and sit quietly while staying comfortable.

The ¾-inch-thick Predator is ideal for the hunter who covers a lot of ground and sits for short stints. The 1½-inch-thick Predator ensures comfort and support for longer sits – while still offering maximum portability.

  • Aluminum carabiner clip for quick and easy transport
  • Ultra-quiet Silent Touch™ fabric
  • Softek™ closed-cell foam that won’t absorb moisture, stays pliable in cold weather and keeps you comfortable
  • Lightweight, durable and waterproof material
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