TruFire Smoke Max Buckle Foldback Archery Release

TruFire Smoke Max Buckle Foldback Archery Release
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Combining the compact performance of its Smoke release head with the solid and silent anchor of its Max strap, the Tru-Fire® Smoke Max Release gives bowhunters great accuracy from a compact release. A springloaded, dual caliper design, the Smoke Max release packs silent and reliable performance into an easy-to-grip dime-sized head. A draw-length-maximizing forward trigger design, this release offers 5/8" of length adjustment to makes it easy to find the perfect fit. 360° rotating head design eliminates accuracy-robbing string torque. Fast and easy trigger adjustment. Comfortable and easy-to-use Max buckle strap features a foldback connector that frees your shooting hand for climbing or calling with no noisy flopping or clanging.
• Great accuracy from a compact bow release
• Springloaded, dual caliper design in an easy-to-grip dime-sized head
• Forward trigger design - optimizes draw length
• 5/8" of length adjustment - easy to find your perfect fit
• 360° rotating head design - no string torque
• Fast and easy trigger adjustment
• Max buckle strap with foldback connector - frees hand in between shots

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