Crosman Vigilante 357 CO2 Revolver

Crosman Vigilante 357 CO2 Revolver
Mfg# CCP8B2
UPC: 028478141780

Quantity: 1

The Vigilante is a double action, semi-auto revolver that shoots pellets and BBs. Included is a 10-shot pellet clip and a 6-shot BB clip. It's powered by CO2 and shoots pellets up to 435 fps and BBs up to 465 fps through a 6-inch rifled steel barrel. Additional pellet clips (407T) & BB clips (408T).

The Vigilante has a fixed blade front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight. The dual accessory rails can accomodate picatinny or weaver mounts for attaching a scope, laser, or flashlight for the ultimate backyard plinking air pistol.

*CO2 not included

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