Elite Synergy Compound Bow, 65 lb, 27.5", Realtree Camo

Elite Synergy Compound Bow, 65 lb, 27.5", Realtree Camo

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The New Elite Synergy™ is defined by "Shootability." Delivering an unparalleled shooting experience, the Synergy™ is a true hunter's bow that leaves nothing to sacrifice. At 33½ inches axle-to-axle, the Synergy™ rests in a sweet spot between the Energy 32 and 35 with incredibly stable geometry that’s perfect for hunting and 3-D.

Its mid-sized measurements allow for a steady hold on the range and extreme maneuverability for those tricky treestand and ground blind shots that require creative set up. Supported by Elite's exclusive Riser Cage™design, the Synergy's backbone provides balanced energy distribution to the bow’s beyond parallel limbs and Synergy™ two-track cam system.

Vaulting arrows up to an impressive 325 fps I.B.O., the Synergy™ maximizes the critical combination of speed and smooth into one "Shootable" package everyone will love to bring to full draw.


Axle-Axle 33 1/2” +/- .125”
Brace 7 3/8” +/- .125”
String 57 7/8”
Cable 37 15/16”
Centershot 3/4”-13/16”
Mass Wt 4.4 lbs.
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