Fat Belly Bullet Points, 5/16, 125 gr, 12pk

Fat Belly Bullet Points, 5/16, 125 gr, 12pk
Mfg# 1492CAN
UPC: 026509014928

Quantity: 1

Made by archers for archers, the Allen Fat Belly Bullet Point are the perfect target practice field points because you no longer need to struggle to pull your arrows from the target. The tapered shape that gives the points their Fat Belly™ name creates a larger diameter impact channel than the arrow’s shaft, making them easier to remove than standard bullet points. Available in 100 grain 9/32” or 125 grain 5/16”, these points have standard threads to fit most popular arrows on the market today. Per 6.

• Perfect bullet points for target practice
• Easier to remove from bales than standard bullet points
• Stay-Tight O-ring keeps the points from vibrating loose-
• 3-D foam target ready

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