Plano Rustrictor All Weather 2 Rustrictor, 52" Rifle Case

Plano Rustrictor All Weather 2 Rustrictor, 52" Rifle Case
Mfg# 11852
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AW2™ rifle cases are the first rifle cases in the Plano line to feature Rustrictor™ Technology. They’re still impenetrable from the outside, with dual-stage lockable latches and a Dri-Loc® seal that create a watertight, dust-proof shield. Inside, not only does a pressure release valve equalize pressure through temperature or altitude changes, there’s also the added benefit of Rustrictor to prevent rust and corrosion on your gear. The Rustrictor AW2 52” Rifle/Shotgun Case is the largest All Weather rifle case, and the only wheeled case in the series. Oversized sized to store and protect multiple rifles, shotguns or ARs through the most extreme conditions.

  • Made In USA
  • Rustrictor
  • Airline Approved
  • Pad Lockable
  • Dri Loc
  • Easy Glide



  • Rust-preventive Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) infused into resin and foam emitter
  • Ventilated foam surrounds firearm(s) with 360 degrees of rust-blocking protection
  • Blocks rust/corrosion 5x longer than competing products (per accelerated lab testing)
  • Pressure release valve equalizes pressure caused by altitude or temperature changes
  • Pre-perforated pluck foam for easy customization
  • Dual-stage lockable latches
  • Continuous Dri-Loc® seal creates watertight
  • Interior Dimensions:  51.5"x14"x5.5"
  • Exterior Dimensions:  53.5"x17"x7"
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