Pro Shot Pro Gold Lubricant

Pro Shot Pro Gold Lubricant
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Pro-Gold Lube is a superior specially formulated lubrication grease for firearms, it stays right where it is applied Providing maximum protection, Pro-Gold Grease does not break down in extreme heat! Easy to apply with a cotton cleaning patch or cotton swab. Apply lube exactly on the important metal to metal contact points. This reduces friction and wear on firearm, especially in extreme heat and rapid firing. Superior performance on stainless, chrome molly, nickel, and blued firearms. Prevents metal wear areas: bolt action locking lugs, actions, frame rails, shotgun hinge pins, & even reloading tools. 1oz.


Extreme Pressure Additive
Heat Resistant
Displaces Moisture & Water Resistance
Temperature Operating Range: 0°F to 500° F.

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