Qwik Bugle Mac Daddy Elk Call Combo

Qwik Bugle Mac Daddy Elk Call Combo
Mfg# D1479
UPC: 021291703746

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The Hunter's Specialties Qwik Bugle is the idea call for replicating elk bugles and cow calls. This versatile call can be used to sound like the dominant herd bull or a spike looking for love. The soft-construction, flexible tube allows for realistic elk sounds and can be positioned to get just the right volume, location and tone. This lightweight call features a carabineer clip that allows for quick attachment to your belt loop or backpack and includes a lanyard for wear around your neck. The Mac Daddy addition brings your bugle call deep and rich calls, which will bringing bulls running in to lay down the law.


  • Extendable
  • Soft tube
  • Carabineer for easy attachment
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