Remington 20ga, 2.75", #3 Buck, 20 Pellets, 5 rnds

Remington 20ga, 2.75", #3 Buck, 20 Pellets, 5 rnds
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Think of Remington Express as the opposite of Expend -- for the paltry sum this 20 Gauge shotshell costs, you’re going to be genuinely impressed by its quality. This shell’s shot column is heavily cushioned, which along with its modern granulated buffering keeps its shot pellets far better able to hold onto their shape until they exit the muzzle. An Express shell also features Remington’s proprietary Power-Piston one-piece wad, which even further guarantees the dense, lethal spread that you need to drop robust bucks dead in their tracks.

This shell is loaded with #3 buck. The quarter inch diameter pellets will overcome thick vegetation better than a rifle’s bullet could, and many favor it for hunting larger waterfowl (provided they can do so without breaking any laws). It’s also great for nailing predators, and its reduced tendency to penetrate multiple walls puts this shell in the home defense category of ammunition as well. It’s a great, all-around use shell, so you’ll have zero trouble figuring out how to fire five of them. It’s seldom a problem, figuring out how to use ammo, isn’t it?
Bullet Type:  #3 Buck
Muzzle Velocity:  1220
Shot Material:  Lead
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