Remington Premier 338 Win, 225 gr Swift A Frame PSP, 20 rnds

Remington Premier 338 Win, 225 gr Swift A Frame PSP, 20 rnds
Mfg# RS338WA
UPC: 047700078007

Quantity: 1

The most-reliable cross-membered bullet made today, Premier A-FrameTM Centerfire Ammunition is virtually custom-made for situations where there can be no compromise in quality, reliability or performance.

Remington loaded the dual-core A-Frame bullets, so that you can expect reliable expansion at long-range decreased velocities, but without the over-expansion at short-range high velocities. The combination of A-Frame construction and proprietary bonding process produces extremely uniform, controlled expansion to 2X caliber with nearly 100% weight retention.

All Premier A-Frame components receive multiple inspections: primers are pre-inspected five times for ignition reliability, each round is receiver-gauged, and case are nickel-plated for precision feeding and extraction. You simply can't buy a better factory-loaded medium to big-game ammo!

Caliber: .338 Win. Mag.
Bullet Style: Swift A-Frame PSP
Bullet Weight (Grain): 225
Muzzle Velocity (f.p.s.): 2,785
Muzzle Energy (ft.-lbs.): 3,875

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