Speak Easy Electronic Deer Calling System

Speak Easy Electronic Deer Calling System
Mfg# 7754
UPC: 010135077549

Quantity: 1

The Primos SpeakEasy Electronic Deer Call is the simple way to call in deer. The SpeakEasy’s 40 yard remote allows you to call in deer and remain concealed. This compact unit has great volume and realism with NO distortion. It has 6 pre-programmed Primos calls including: Grunt, Challenge Wheeze™, Roar, Bucks Sparring, Doe Bleat, and Estrus™ Bleat. Also features a rubber attachment strap allowing for attachment to branches, stand, blind, backpack, etc.

• Professional calls at the push of the button

• 50 Yard remote gets the sound where you need it

• Quick adjustable LED indicated sound level

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