Trophy Ridge Pursuit 1-Pin Bow Sight with Light

Trophy Ridge Pursuit 1-Pin Bow Sight with Light
Mfg# AS401R
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The Trophy Ridge Pursuit delivers smooth, silent adjustments and limitless pin settings. The indicator pin is adjustable, allowing you to make the small tweaks necessary to compensate for various environmental conditions. Featuring Low-Light Glo Indicator Tape and an Ultra Bright Fiber Optic Pin, you have the capabilities to see your sight and make adjustments in the lowest light.


  • Adjustable indicator pin
  • Delrin bushings
  • Rheostat sight light included
  • Glo indicator tape
  • Ultra bright .019 fiber optic pins
  • Sight level
  • Second and third axis adjustability

Technical Information

  • Number of Pins: 1
  • Pin Diameter: .019"
  • Pin Color Top to Bottom: Green
  • Sight Material: Aluminum
  • 2nd Axis Adjustment: Yes
  • 3rd Axis Adjustment: Yes
  • Light Included: Yes
  • Sight Level: Yes
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