Wildgame Innovations SD Card 16GB

Wildgame Innovations SD Card 16GB
Mfg# WGICA0036
UPC: 616376511837

Quantity: 2

This 16GB SD card is ready to plug and play straight out of the packaging. Place it in any Wildgame Innovations trail camera to immediately begin capturing evidence of the game activity around your camera location. The class 10 SD card is equipped to archive high-quality images and videos at an impressive speed of up to 10MB a second.

Capacity varies based on megapixel count. On average, 16GB SD cards can hold approximately 6,209 images from a 10-megapixel trail camera. Whether you have more or fewer megapixels in your favorite camera, safe to say there's plenty of memory storage to go around and then some with this 16GB SD card for trail cams.

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