Wyoming Knife The Ultimate Hunters Companion

Wyoming Knife The Ultimate Hunters Companion
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The original Wyoming Knife, the ultimate hunter’s companion. A skeleton handled knife for ripping, gutting, skinning, caping, and scraping. Packaged with a replacement blade and a camouflage sheath. Complete instructions for the use of the knife and suggested field-dressing procedures are enclosed in the package.

Use the Wyoming Knife to avoid slit gut or tainted meat. Eliminates hair on the meat because it cuts from the inside out. The near indestructible handle is the latest technology in polymers and is guaranteed for life. Designed to preserve the quality and quantity of the meat. Blade design and knife configuration actually prevent slitting the gut. Invaluable for the proper caping of the animal. Replaceable blades, easily changed. One-piece blade with two edges is made of Swedish steel honed to a surgical, razor sharpness.

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