Yukon Magnum 225g Bear Deterrent

Yukon Magnum 225g Bear Deterrent
Mfg# DEF-225YM
UPC: 729258505302

Quantity: 1

Whether you’re hiking or running a trail, camping with the family, or working in the back country, be prepared with YUKON MAGNUM bear deterrent. It goes the distance when you need it most.

STRONGEST FORMULATION permitted in Canada. Containing 1% pure capsaicin (strongest ingredient), plus major related capsaicinoids at 0.72%. Total strength of 1.72%.

EASY TO USE with a press style trigger fitted with a safety clip, and releases farther than other spray configurations.
DURABLE and lightweight aluminum container and head are designed for travel in the woods. Available in 225g and 325g sizes.

NON TOXIC pepper based formula provides temporary and non- lethal effects, is non-flammable, and environmentally friendly.

YUKON MAGNUM bear deterrent is for use outdoors and is sprayed at an aggressive bear’s face to temporarily impair the bear from attacking people and their loved ones. This pepper- based formula has no harmful or long-term impacts, and comes in a recyclable can.

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