Fireline Micro Ice 4lb

Fireline Micro Ice 4lb 50 yd
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Improved to be the best FireLine yet --The Smooth Handling Superline™ for ice fishing, FireLine Micro Ice is stronger and thinner than monofilament. Small enough to work the tiniest micro bait, supple enough to handle the coldest weather.
  • The smooth handling ice superline
  • The Strongest, Most Abrasion- Resistant Superline in its class!
  • Superb Sensitivity - Instant feel for subltle cold-water bites
  • Ultra-Thin diameter - Incredible lure presentation and action with low visibility
  • Exceptional Strength and Toughness - Microfused Dyneema® fibers are 3 to 4 times stronger than monofilament
  • Packaging
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