QAD Exodus Broadhead 1.25" 100gr 3pk

QAD Exodus Broadhead 1.25" 100gr 3pk
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This revolutionary fixed-blade broadhead gives the serious hunter everything needed – true field-point accuracy, remarkable penetration and a large cutting diameter. Unique Blade Over Shaft (B.O.S.) technology delivers an ultrashort and compact head for unmatched accuracy and penetration. Its hardened, Rock-Buster tempered stainless steel tip has field-point dimensions for zero wind planing. Replaceable .040"-thick stainless steel blades feature a steep cutting angle and 1-1/4" cutting diameter for increased penetration and bone-crushing strength. Ultratight machining tolerance ensures perfect balance and head-to-head consistency. Per 3. Ultrashort, three-blade design sweeps back over shaft

• Field-point dimensions for zero wind planing
• .040"-thick, replaceable blades for superior strength
• 1-1/4" cutting diameter

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