Bohning Fletch Fuse

Bohning Fletch Fuse
Mfg# 301025CAN
UPC: 010847235787

Article number: 010847227614
Quantity: 2

Fletch Fuse is Bohning's budget-friendly instant glue designed for vanes, points, inserts, outserts, & swedged nocks. It works on all shaft types - carbon, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and wrapped or crested arrows. Fletch Fuse adhesive is slightly thicker and contains more additives than BlazerĀ® Bond. It requires a clamp time of 30 seconds and a cure time of 2 hours. To prevent Fletch Fuse from drying out prematurely, store it inside a plastic bag/container in a refrigerator NOT containing food or beverages. One year expiration on unopened bottles.

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