Caldwell E-Max Pro Electric Earmuffs

Caldwell E-Max Pro Electric Earmuffs
Mfg# 1099603
UPC: 661120417903

Quantity: 2

The Caldwell® E-Max Pro Electronic Earmuffs offer comfortable style for all day use at the range or race track. These electronic earmuffs boast a 23dB noise reduction rating for optimal hearing protection, while a low-profile design offers lightweight, steamlined comfort. Running on 3 AAA batteries (included), these ear protection offer crystal clear, stereo sound, allowing you to carry on conversations and stay in tune with your surroundings, while muffling out harmful noises above 85dB.

• 23dB NRR
• Stereo sound
• Low-profile design
• Push-button volume controls
• Illuminated on/off indicator
• Auto-shutoff features

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