Endgame Stabilizer 8"

Endgame Stabilizer 8"
Mfg# AG815B
UPC: 788130025109

Quantity: 1

To give hunters the edge they need, END•GAME™ utilizes high-quality materials to bring the center of gravity farther forward where it is more effective. A strong and light carbon-fiber tube supports an adjustable end-weight system, allowing archers to tune the weight to match their bow. Included colored dampening rings provide a custom look while absorbing noise and vibration.

  • Improves bow balance for better accuracy.
  • Lightweight carbon-fiber tube moves the center of gravity forward.
  • Adjustable weight system tunes your bow.
  • Engineered for performance hunting bows.
  • Dampening rings between weights absorb noise and vibration.
  • Seven different colored dampening rings included for a custom look.
  • Fits all bows.


Model Finish Length Weight Mounting System Dampening Design Construction Compatibility
AG815B Carbon-fiber 8 in. 6-8 oz. Standard threaded mount Rubber dampening rings and internal dampening fill Carbon-fiber tube Fits all bows
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