Montana Elk Decoy Miss September

Montana Elk Decoy Miss September
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This feeding cow elk decoy practically dances her way into the heart of big bulls. It's ready to help you bag your elk this fall.

Product Description

This super versatile, go-anywhere feeding elk decoy looks great in any setup. Miss September – thanks to its realistic and effective pose – is a hit with elk hunters during any phase of the season. Did we mention it weighs a hair over two pounds and folds down to the size of small plate so you can carry it with you on every hunt?

Product Information

33 oz. (including poles)
22” x 13”
60” x 47”

Product Features

  • Feeding Elk Decoy Gallery 1Feeding pose inspires confidence and calms wary bulls.
  • Feeding Elk Decoy Features 2Folds for easy transport and sets up in seconds.
  • Feeding Elk Decoy Features 3Draws and hold a bull’s attention while you set up for a shot.
  • Eichler Elk Decoy Feature 3Fits the Quickstand* for an even quicker setup.
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