Precision Sight In Target 10pk

Precision Sight In Target 10pk
Mfg# SI-1-10pk
UPC: 709779902354

Quantity: 4

For the all the Hunters and Target shooters out there! Whether you're shooting 3 rounds at 300 for your .338lapua for the next PR match, or shooting 19 rounds out of your 30-06 at 100yrds to confirm your zero for hunting, these targets will have your back! Made of high quality paper, and with easy to see red, you'll be hitting paper all day long! 


  • 16" x 16" Red Sight-In Target     
  • Small diamond targets in the four corners to test results of various ballistic loads
  • The perfect way to dial in the accuracy of your firearm
  • Ideal for practicing trigger squeeze and sight alignment
  • Folded & Packaged in Zip Top Bag
  • Made in USA 
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