Primos Timberline Closed Reed Elk Call

Primos Timberline Closed Reed Elk Call
Mfg# 9501
UPC: 010135095017

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The Timberline Closed Reed bite and blow style elk call produces perfect high pitched cow and calf mews and chirps. The wooden barrel mellows the tone just enough to replicate the sounds of cow and calf perfectly. You control the pitch by the pressure of your bite on the call and the volume by regulating the amount of air pressure you blow into the call.

You won't sacrifice sound or aesthectics with the premium wooden design of the Timberline Open Reed! Just make sure when using the Timberline Open Reed call, your "EEees" are high notes and your "Oooos" are low notes! Remember no two elk sound exactly the same, but their pitch, rhythm and cadance will be simlar.

Learn how to use the Primos Timberline closed reed cow call. This is one of the easiest styles of cow calls to learn and master.

  • Premium hardwood barrel
  • Produces subtle sounds for close-in calling
  • Produces soft mews
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