RCBS Neck Sizer 7mm Rem Mag

RCBS Neck Sizer 7mm Rem Mag
Mfg# 13630
UPC: 076683136305

Quantity: 1

Dies are the heart of the reloading process. Engineered to the highest standards and manufactured to the tightest tolerances, they’re constructed from case-hardened steel, precision-drilled, reamed, polished and hand-inspected twice before leaving the factory. RCBS dies can be counted on to produce consistent and reliable results for shooters who demand reloads equal to the quality of their firearm. Includes plastic storage box and loading data table. Large, easy-to-adjust hex-lock rings. The Neck-Sizer Die resizes case necks to exacting tolerances while preserving the fire-formed shoulder dimensions of the cartridge from your rifle’s chamber. Extends case life while producing greater accuracy potential. Includes expander/decapping unit.

Fits shell holder #4.

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