Senneker Snare 5' (10pk)

Senneker Snare 5' (10pk)
UPC: 345798543234

Article number: Senneker Snare 5' (10pk)
Quantity: 6


Length: 5'

Diameter: 3/32"

Strand Configuration: 7x7

Lock Device: Lighting Lock (The most aggressive snare lock in existence, sharp teeth, hardened steel, improved design over the standard camlock)

Stinger Kill Spring (A very compact spring with excellent strength for coyote, wolf, fox, bobcat, lynx, wolverine, etc.) and Senneker Powersnare Trigger.

Breakaway Device: 265 lb. S - Hook

Poly-Tube Support Collar

A very deadly snare set up for dispatching coyotes quickly, efficiently and humanely.

The key components are re-useable and include: Lightening Lock (with machined teeth), Stinger Kill Spring, Senneker Powersnare Trigger, Breakaway S - hook and Poly-Tube Support Collar

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