Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out Patch Out 8oz

Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out Patch Out 8oz
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Removal of metal fouling and carbon from the bore can rejuvenate and restore accuracy to and badly fouled firearm. WIPE-OUT™ PATCH-OUT” is formulated to safely removal of all types of fouling from the barrel faster, and more efficiently…….and without brushing.

  • Will dissolve copper , bronze, cupro-nickel, brass fouling in the bore twice as fast and in half the time without brushing.
  • Will protect all metal parts including the bore against corrosion & rust.
  • Is totally safe for all steels (both stainless and carbon)and all metal plating.
  • Is harmless to modern gunstock finishes. (it is not for use on shellac, varnish or oil)
  • Dissolves carbon without brushing
  • Dissolves smokeless powder fouling, and black powder fouling, and primer fouling.
  • Has color indicators show the presence of metal fouling, powder fouling and carbon. (Metal fouling is navy blue, Powder fouling is grey or black, Carbon is tan or brown.)
  • Is odorless, relatively safe and easy to use.
  • Will gum or leave behind solids that render the firearm useless.
  • Contains NO ACID and NO AMMONIA.

Available in a 8 ounce plastic bottle with a flip top lid. 

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