Winchester Buckshot

Winchester 12 ga Buckshot

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2-3/4" # 00B 1 oz 1150 fps 10 Rnds

The 12-gauge PDX1 Defender ammunition features a distinctive black hull, black oxide high-base head and 3 pellets of Grex buffered 00 plated buckshot nested on top of a 1 oz rifled slug. The result is the ideal, tight patterning personal defense load. The slug/buckshot combination provides optimum performance at short and long ranges while compensating for aim error.


2.75 " #4 Buck 27 Pellets 1325 fps 5 Rnds 

Winchester Super-X buckshot leads the industry in setting the high performance standards for slug technology and buckshot performance. Winchester advanced aerodynamically designed gives you a supreme accuracy and target pounding performance at extended ranges.


3 " 00 Buck 15 Pellets 1210 fps 5 Rnds

Double X Ammunition provides ultimate high-velocity, knock-down performance in the field. With copper plated hard buckshot for long-range performance, Double X has been trusted by generations of hunters who demand quality and consistency.

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