Winchester Powders

Winchester Powder
231, 296, 748, 760

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In 1929, the Western Cartridge Company (forerunner of Winchester Ammunition) received U.S. Patent #2,027,114, issued to Western Cartridge as “Manufacture of Smokeless Powders.” Shortly after, Western Cartridge Company then commercially introduced BALL POWDER® smokeless propellant. The innovative BALL POWDER® process provided a number of technological advantages over common extruded type powders that were quickly leveraged by ammunition factories and the U.S. military. The key advantages of BALL POWDER® propellant include:

• Stable long life – in some cases exceeding the capability of extruded powders
• High density – ideal for rifle calibers. Yet the BALL POWDER® process is capable of density adjustment to also create high-performance pistol and shotshell powders
• Adjustable chemistry – allows the powder to be tailored to specific cartridge applications through chemistry as well as geometry.
• Lower flame temperature – allows longer barrel life

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