Bore Tech Extreme Grease HD

Bore Tech Extreme Grease HD
Mfg# BTCG-51001
UPC: 667739510011

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Bore Tech’s Extreme Grease HD is an ultra tacky triple based synthetic blend formulated specifically for superior firearm operation. The high performance extreme pressure additives, enhanced rust inhibitors, and nano-ceramic temperature lubricants provide a wide operational temperature range of -85°F to +700°F and eliminate the “gumming” and “running” found our competitors’ brands The proprietary formulation has a much lower coefficient of friction than molydisulfide, flouropolymers, lithium and graphite based greases and penetrates into metallic and polymer surfaces providing unsurpassed and extended lubrication to over 2000°F.


Operational Temperature Range of -85°F to +700°F Extended Temperature Range of 2000°F
Extremely Tacky “Non Gumming” “Non Running” Formulation Provides Superior Lubrication & Prevents Galling

Bore Tech’s Extreme Grease HD is the only premium grease formulated specifically for use on firearm locking lugs, frame rails, hinge pins and camming mechanisms where smooth operation, extended part life and performance under extreme conditions is required.


Volume 10 ml
Tubee Dispensing Tip Plastic Tube
Cap Type Screw On/Off

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