Koola Buck Anti Microbial Game Bags

Koola Buck Anti Microbial Game Bags

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The Koola Buck® Antimicrobial Game-Quarter Bags protects your precious venison with a cotton/poly blend, stretch-fitting fabric, permeated in a proprietary blend of all natural flavorless acids derived from fruits and other bacterial inhibitors. The bag reduces bacterial growth, and repels egg-laying insects. These antimicrobial game bags fit game quarters. Each package contains 4 bags sized according to the intended species.


  • Cotton/poly blend stretch-fitting fabric
  • Permeated in natural acids
  • Repels egg-laying insects
  • Reduces bacterial growth
  • Fits game quarters


Large- Deer Quarter Bags 8"x40", Stretch Fitting 26"x68"

X-Large- Elk Quarter Bags 10"x48", Stretch Fitting 36"x60"

XX-Large- Elk or Moose Quarter Bags 12"x70", Stretch Fitting 36"x80"

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