Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner 5oz

Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner 5oz
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Brushless bore-cleaning foam dissolves carbon, copper, brass, bronze, black powder, and smokeless powder fouling. Foam suspends and absorbs the fouling for superb cleaning. Contains corrosion inhibitors so you can leave the cleaner in the bore for up to 24 hours. Won’t harm modern gunstock finishes, carbon steel, or stainless steel; contains no acid or ammonia.

  • WIPE-OUT™ is practically odorless and non-flammable.
    It contains a rust inhibitor, and will not stain hands of clothing.
  • It is safe for all modern paint, gunstock finishes and steels.  It however is not safe for varnish , shellac or old oil type finishes.  IT WILL REMOVE THEM.
  • It will dissolve brass, bronze,, and copper.
  • It will not gum in either the action or the barrel.
  • Is safe for all barrel steels, both stainless and carbon steel
  • Is safe for all barrels with a CHROME LINED BORE
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